Dylan and Sean

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Our Story

It all began on a sunny Los Angeles afternoon in April 2013. All the advertising kids piled into yellow school buses en route to the LA beer Festival at the iconic Paramount Studio Lot.

Sean spotted Dylan's brightly colored peach scarf and Dylan noticed Sean's platinum blonde hair. Sparks were flying and the beers were flowing. By the end of the festival, it would seem that their paths were destined to part, and yet, they weren't ready to say goodbye. Their first date was just a few days later at Cha Cha Chicken, and they've been inseparable ever since.

After four years enjoying the beach (along with Sean's sunburns) and countless adventures, they packed up all their belongings and moved to the Mile High City where Sean grew up. They are excited to get hitched and celebrate with friends and family in the city they now call home.
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